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Smart devices are rapidly spreading their reach within the business world. From tablets to smart phones, there is no doubt that this technology is here to stay. Every enterprise should not only be utilizing the technology themselves but also be aware of how these devices are being used by their employees, partners, and customers to develop a plan to handle this shift in business. To get your mobile apps developed right, you need a comprehensive understanding of mobile space with the right experience and talent to execute your mobile app projects. As a part of our enterprise solutions, CloudXtension is the leading mobile application development company, offering a wide range of development services to help you navigate this market and create killer apps.

By utilizing our expertise, your enterprise will have the power to design an application that is intuitive and unique to your business needs. Our development team will help ensure that you are getting exactly what you need and that it is deployed in the most reliable format for your enterprise.

Ensuring that you are using the most popular and most successful platform is essential to any mobile strategy employed by enterprises. CloudXtension has experience working on all major platforms, including iOS, Android, HTML 5 and Windows.

As we mentioned before, mobile devices are rapidly increasing their role in today’s business world. Most of your business practices will likely be connected to mobile devices in one way or another and to best prepare your enterprise, it must utilize an overall integration plan that will connect all your web based applications to mobile devices.

No matter what your mobile needs, CloudXtension has got you covered. For more information contact us and you will be connected to a representative with the knowledge to get you started today.



Quality Code, World Class User Experience

Cloud computing is giving enterprises the ability to swiftly develop and deploy both common and unique IT services to streamline the way business gets done, 24/7. Utilizing this technology is helping to reduce crucial operational costs while still maintaining rapid flexibility. This opportunity to increase the speed, agility and innovative process for the company is one that enterprises cannot avoid.

Whether you are just getting started with the cloud or consider yourself an early adopter of certain cloud features into your business practices, maintaining a realistic and well thought out strategy are ongoing necessities for working on the cloud. Here at CloudXtension, we will help you develop and maintain that strategy or evaluate your current strategy to ensure you are receiving the highest ROI possible.

As different cloud platforms continue to emerge as means for building applications, it can become a daunting task to get started on the cloud. Leverage our experience of working with multiple cloud platforms to help develop or expand your enterprise’s use of various cloud platforms especially when transferring information to the new technology

CloudXtension will help you develop applications formatted specifically to your business practices that will utilize all the benefits that come from working on the cloud. As your business grows, the more advantageous it will be to have an application that can adapt at an impeccably fast rate.

We have valuable experience working in the cloud that we want to share with you and your company. Working on the Cloud will change the way you do work for the better if you partner with the correct team. For even more information into what we do with the cloud, visit our cloud services page or contact us today to get started on a tailored plan for your business.



Quality Code, World Class User Experience

From collaborating on company projects to creating customized portals, we can help you streamline innovation when using the Microsoft SharePoint platform. CloudXtension will work with your enterprise to build, tailor and implement SharePoint’s capabilities and features to your company’s needs. We offer expertise in both “Out-of-the-Box” and unique SharePoint development. Let us help you develop.

Intranet Portals
Collaboration is critical to an organizations success and through use of Microsoft SharePoint’s intranet development companies can reach project goals faster and easier. From Document Management to Business Intelligence, we can help invigorate the way your company connects, cooperates, and explores information.

Extranet Portals
A company must ensure that their website is portraying the company brand in its best light. SharePoint website creation can enrich the customer experience by providing engaging and optimized content that is relevant to your company’s business practices. Offer interactive experiences such as user profiles and discussion boards to make them come back for more.

Website Creation
Information sharing with those outside your organization is crucial to your company’s overall success. Whether it is customers, suppliers, partners, or investors, SharePoint’s extranet services will rid your company of unnecessary delays by creating secure portals to quickly transfer information to those who need it most.

Social Networking
With the introduction of newly upgraded social tools in the latest version of Microsoft SharePoint, creating a unique social network for your site could simplify the way tacit knowledge is spread around your organization. CloudXtension is here to help you implement all aspects of the new social networking tools, from blogging to hash tags and the ability to follow others.

Other out of the box services help we can provide includes:

• Branding
• Business Connectivity Services
• Business Intelligence
• eDiscovery
• Identity Management

• Records Management and compliance
• Search
• Mobile Devices
• Upgrade
• Web Content Management


Quality Code, World Class User Experience is simplifying the way enterprises are bringing applications to the market. By providing this building platform, enterprises are able to quickly deploy applications that streamline workflow. Here at CloudXtension we help your company take advantage of this growing platform by offering our expertise in developing and deploying your company’s applications.

Our expertise will empower your enterprise to customize applications to help streamline the way you get work done. Stop worrying about how your company practices are going to fit a third party application, and instead create a unique app to better fit the exact needs of your company.

To ensure that you are seeing the most benefits for your company, you must first ensure that that all your applications can work together. By implementing a cohesive Enterprise Application Integration plan, the company is able to share information between applications not normally capable of working together.

With the opening up of as a platform to build on, enterprises can now better utilize Salesforce’s business tools, as well as other SaaS services currently available. Our expertise of various cloud technologies will help create better connections to SaaS products your company is interested in.

Here at CloudXtension we’re all about customization. There are a lot of tools out there for your enterprise but you shouldn’t have to adapt to what they are offering you, and instead be able to create something unique to your business needs. Take advantage of the many benefits of the platform by utilizing our expertise in getting you set up and working on this platform.


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